Project Crafted Industry Exhibition

Crafted Industry

Crafted industry

An industry that comes from afar, the character of the people who make it, the cooperative Basque spirit, the passion for design and reason; and the striking, beautiful yet rough landscape that surrounds it.

The reality of a company is the natural principle of its own storytelling. And therein resides the grandeur of the innate, which manifests as inevitable. The identity of Enea is a non-fiction reality; and that is precisely what Clase Bcn’s art direction and design, along with the photography of Salva López, have captured in this exhibition. “Crafted industry” is the demonstration of an identity project that functions in much the same way as an equilateral triangle, with three sides that mutually build, complement and respond to one another. A project that, despite its practical end, is a poetic and dynamic vision of what Enea is.

2nd-12th June, during the Barcelona Design Week
Wer-Haus (Aragó, 287 Barcelona) view map 
Timetable: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm (Tuesday closed). Sunday from 11am to 3pm  
Opening 6th of June at 7pm. Free access.

Art direction and design: Clase Bcn
Photography: Salva López
Photography assistant: Yosigo
Production: Essa Punt
Architect: Cito Ballesta