Project EINA Identity
Client EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona

Logotipo Eina, Eina brand

EINA, identidad, escola, escuela, identitat, identity, school

EINA’s new identity converts the theoretical concept of the “frame” into a real frame. The four letters EINA adapt dynamically and frame the different communication elements, thereby emphasising the idea of a “blank sheet” which will be used and filled by each designer in every piece of communication. The brand, starting off with a compact version turns into a flexible element, able to adapt to the size of the different medium. A frame which can also fill up with the work of the pupils themselves, as can be seen in the file shown.

This is all about an identity which does not start its life in finished form, but rather with a great future ahead and which will continue to grow with the contribution of each and every one of the designers who take part in it.

In the same way, and to reinforce this idea of innovation, a new typeface family has been specially created for the identity by the typographer Iñigo Jerez, based on thinking about different 20th century typefaces. This new typography family also responds to the same conceptual parameters as the School’s own identity: creativity, versatility and experimentation.