Project Alta Diagonal bulding identity
Client Deka Inmobilien

The starting point for this project was coming up with the name, based on the idea of the building’s location in Barcelona. This neighbourhood of the city is popularly known as the zona alta ‘high(-end) district’ in the Diagonal area. Bearing in mind the fact that the building in question is an upmarket office block, Alta Diagonal captures the project in a nutshell.
To give the building its own personality and reflect its location on Avinguda Diagonal ‘Diagonal Avenue’, we made a series of diagonal cuts through the typeface to stress its “graphical location” in the city of Barcelona.
The elements in the design of the building’s signage were deliberately oversized to correspond to the exact size of the pieces of cladding to create highly visible signs that fitted with the architecture. This integration continued in the same vein with the choice of material: stainless steel. A material totally in keeping with the other materials selected by the team of architects charged with redesigning the building.