Project Xarxa de Parcs Metropolitans Signage System
Client Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

Project realized with Estudi Salva Fàbregas

Xarxa de Parcs Metropolitans (XPM) asked us to create a powerful visual identity to reflect the idea of a shared public space through the signage used in its parks. The clear design follows a simple approach: the same material, the same design, the same finish, the same type and the same simple layout. Key factors included the use of basic, functional materials requiring minimal maintenance, and sustainability. The result: a uniform yet versatile modular signage system.Yellow was chosen as the main colour as it would be clearly seen and stand out from the surroundings. And since this colour in not commonly used in parks and gardens, it becomes a powerful and exclusive way of identifying XPM. The set of pictograms was drawn especially for the XPM project based on FF Netto fonts. Their rounded shapes and simple lines are in keeping with the design of the font and the other graphic and industrial features.The maps’ infographic style turns irregular forms into geometric shapes to simplify the information and give users the key data they need to find their way around the park.