Project Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Client Universitat Pompeu Fabra

logo universitat pompeu fabra


One of the main challenges was to create a brand with plenty of visual scope, which would go further than a mere sign-off and which could lead to a graphic code which takes part in the communication, strengthening its own identity.

The concept and starting point for creating the new brand is to reinforce the very spirit of the acronym by which the university is known and turn to the essence and origins of this name: Pompeu Fabra and his dictionary as a symbol of knowledge and excellence. In this sense the design of the brand is built up by recreating the universal typographical criteria for these kinds of publications and giving it a contemporary twist.

The aim was to strengthen the abbreviation UPF turning it into a symbol of the new identity. On the basis of this principle, and to give it greater visual strength a protected space was created and a frame which will at the same time become the graphic code for communications.

An understated, elegant graphic style has been used to reflect the intellectual, serious, human, urban, Barcelona character which distinguishes the University, and which at the same time gives it strength.