AMB is the institution in charge of the growth and connection of urban systems around Barcelona. We created a unified signage system that involved the design of three identities for public spaces: Parks, Beaches and the Llobregat River trail. They all share a friendly monolinear style, seen across the typefaces and pictograms, and modular L-shaped information displays. In Parks and Beaches signage projects we collaborated with the industrial design studio Salva Fàbregas.

Parks signage

We modernised the image of Barcelona’s Parks by making a visual identity of infographic style that, in its striking yellow colour, popped out from the green surroundings. FF Netto typeface was our basis to design a broad family of pictograms and to build a whole communication system. The Parks’ signage includes a tall wayfinding signage column; a main entrance marker with a simplified map of the landscape; and other specific signs that spot the existent fauna and flora.

Beaches signage

Our update of Barcelona’s beaches signage, originally designed by Claret Serrahima, aimed to unify AMB’s overall communication. This meant to retouch colour tones, apply the new family of pictograms and implement the L-shape block system. We also adapted the signage design to other space-specific communication supports, like the iconic flags that stand throughout the whole sea coast of Barcelona.

Llobregat River signage

Llobregat river shores make a 30 km long Park that goes across sixteen municipalities of Barcelona. We created a monolinear visual identity out of the double “L” in the river’s name, a feature that we extended to the design of maps and pictograms. The signage system is made of wooden blocks and easy-maintenance metallic boards. It includes large signs to pinpoint areas across the river, and smaller ones that work both as distance markers and benches