More than 1600 days waiting for the remodeling of La Rambla. Confronting the inaction of the administration, the Amics de la Rambla association commissioned us to design a pressure campaign that made visible the urgency of a construction that should have started more than 4 years ago.


The day counter –placed in front of Liceu, at La Rambla– is the visual element that communicates the main campaign message in a direct and powerful way. High-visibile street elements are also located in the streets, reinforcing the urgency mood.


Inspired by popular and political placards, we write the messages using a large, condensed font. The typographic stain and the vivid colors create a simple and bold language, very visible in a street context.

Digital campaign

The microsite of the campaign offers updated information to citizens about the Rambla situation, shares reflections of well-known influencers supporting the campaign and encourages the public to sign a manifesto. The social media materials are developed considering the balance between information and impact.


The campaign had a big impact in the media. Most national newspapers published articles about the topic on the following days, spreading the messages among a very extensive audience.

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