Crevin is a local upholstry textile producer with strong focus on circular economy, situated in Terrassa, in the outskirts of Barcelona. As a family business in third generation, it pays tribute to the historic textile tradition of the small town.


Being mainly known as industrial producer with high technical accuracy, our proposal for the redefinition of the the brand consists in highlighting this solid base of know-how and add to it a layer of human value, closeness and warmth and make a reference to the mediterranean territory and way of living.


According to the previously defined universal strategy, the update of the brand identity consists in expressing the duality of human values and know-how. This is reflected transversally, considering the choice of typography, the color palette or the graphic composition.

Art Direction

Reflecting the Mediterranean roots, warm sunlight, colors and the presence of people are the main attributes defining the new art direction for Crevin. We teamed up with photographers Jara Varela and Arnau Rovira as well as with Set Designer Sofia Alazraki to develop different levels of photography representing the product in different contexts.

Local and responsible production is a differential value nowadays. When portraying the production plant we put a special focus on the community without leaving the productive capacity behind.


How can a product, that so much depends on physical touch, be properly explained, especially through digital channels? The communication strategy for new product launches is based on a strong visual and conceptual narrative, taking into account both online and offline media.

Noah | Consider

Being Noah made a 100% from recycled material, the primary aspects to highlight were responsibility and the sustainable production process. The proposal of the campaign evolves around the claim “consider”, meaning both the act of thinking about something carefully; or the act, state, or quality of caring about or respecting.

Photographer Lluís Tudela’s imagery is strongly related to our territory. His detail shots of landscapes scenes honestly and humbly narrate the value of our natural surrounding.


Crevin features a family of efficient fabrics characterised by high technical performance and a very natural and pleasant appearance. To communicate these important characteristics of the product, the Performance+ naming, the claim, texts and design of all the communication pieces were created.

The communication campaign that we designed reflects the high performance of the product, moving away from a simple technical narrative to emphasise the advantages for the end user. To achieve this, a very didactic, close and human tone has been used. The art direction reflects the situations in a real and recognisable way, creating a natural and everyday tone and environment. One of the core pieces of the campaign is the video where we explain in a direct and clear way what the use of these fabrics can bring us in our daily lives.

The campaign is completed with a communication strategy and a series of actions on social networks that support this launch in a dynamic and segmented way.

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