Factorial – International Meeting of Art factories – was an event held at Fabra i Coats factory (Barcelona), comissioned by the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB), dedicated to an open debate on Factories for the Arts and Creative activities around Europe. We approached the identity and overall communication of Factorial from an industrial-inspired mood, and with the contemporary attitude of the venue.


Factories’ production lines, repetition and rhythm: we designed a typographic identity based on the reproduction of the event’s name, multiplied to the point of becoming an industrial pattern. This concept aligned with our aim to create a a striking graphic language that would call maximum attention to Factorial (as it would only last 2 days) with minimum resources: colour blocks for a clear display information, and display typography. The identity spanned to posters, responsive web design, merchandising among other supports of communication. Photography: ©Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.