With the aim of transcending the product and generating content around the brand, we collaborated with Vibia to create a series of short documentaries where the professionals for whom the brand works were the protagonists. Conversations shares the ethos of different profiles linked to lighting and space design by showing their work process, their perception of light in architecture or the future of the profession, among other topics.

iCrave, NYC


We conceptualized, directed and produced the project. The filmmaking by Liten and the photography by Mònica Figueras convey a warm tone that brings the brand closer to a more human terrain.

Nulty, London

The international presence of Vibia is also reinforced as a result of the participacion of the studios Icrave (Renée Joosten) and HDR (Elizabeth Von Lehe) in New York, Londoner Nulty (Daniel Blaker), Germans Joi (Peter Joehnk and Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk) and Catalan Susanna Cots.

Susanna Cots, Begur

The content was produced for a digital distribution exclusively, putting special emphasis into social media formats and the brand’s new editorial platform, The Edit.

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