The Mail Art movement is a creative and collaborative practice that emerged in the 1950s and 60s.

The movement responded to art’s commercialism by encouraging open creativity.

Artists harnessed postal networks for unconventional exchange in an era of expanding global communication.

Mail Art involves artists using postcards, letters, and parcels as mediums to experiment with techniques like collage and rubber stamps.

Pioneers like Ray Johnson and Fluxus artists like George Maciunas were central to the movement’s development, inspiring artists to challenge traditional norms.

Collaborative projects span the globe, gathering diverse artistic contributions encapsulating personal stories and cross-cultural connections.

With Mail Art’s principles of accessibility and collaboration, its influence persists in impacting modern creative practices to this day.

Works by: Jeff Bagato, Picasso Gaglione , Ryosuke Cohen, H. R. Fricker, Anna Banana, George Maciunas, Ray Johnson.

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